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Bombastic 1

High energy dance theatre and animation specifically for children aged four to eleven years old.

Directed by Sean Tuan John, Bombastic specialises in dance theatre and new media productions for young people. Sean already has a well established track record in the UK and internationally as an individual choreographer and performer. With Bombastic, Sean introduces his distinctive and zany brand of dance theatre and film to younger audiences.

Bombastic provides workshops and educational residencies which wrap around a highly individual performance piece specifically created with children in mind. The performances aim to be challenging and entertaining, and the workshops specifically aim to meet the requirements of the modern day curriculum.

Bombastic and the Memo have worked together for the last seven years, from the initial research, development, rehearsal and technical production phases, through to the premier performances and workshop delivery to over 4,370 young children in the Vale of Glamorgan.



The company’s first production in 2007, produced and premiered at the Memo Arts Centre, was The Magic Doors. It toured to seven local authority regions in Wales during 2007/08 for one or two week residencies. The project delivered more than 100 school workshops and 25 performances in theatres, reaching nearly 6,000 young children.

“The Bombastic experience seamlessly fuses innovation, engagement and creativity…precisely what the 21st century curriculum is asking for!” Primary School Teacher

“Getting involved with Bombastic was inspiring for both me as a teacher and the children I teach. We learnt so much and applied our new found knowledge and understanding easily across the whole curriculum.” Primary School Teacher

“For the eighth year running, the Memo Arts Centre and Bombastic present a new and latest dance theatre and animation production” Mr Magik’s House

Further information about Bombastic and their other projects can be found on their website


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